Very Low Cost Publication Fees

Fast Publication

There is no charge to submit paper for review process but publishing a paper  requires paper processing very Low cost Publication charges that will be paid by the submitting author upon acceptance of the paper for publication.We cover the costs partially through article processing fees. Our expenses are split among editorial costs, electronic composition and production, journal information system, manuscript management system, electronic archiving, overhead expenses, and administrative costs.

Rs 700/- Indian Author’s
50$  Author out of India

(Includes Reviewing Charges, Paper Handling Charges, Publication Charges, Softcopy of Certificates)

Call for papers of Conferences, Workshops & Journals

Authors are requested to submit your research and review articles through online to us at

Publication Dates

Last date of Submission
December 25, 2020
Last date of complete formalities
December 28, 2020
Published Online
December 30, 2020